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Pezzie is here to give pets a voice. Whether that’s a woof, a miaow, a cheep or a wheek! We’re the first global pet platform and we’re here to help you embrace your true pet-sonality. Join us in your guise of crazy cat lady or as your crazy cat – everyone is welcome!Come on in, immerse yourself in the world of pets, mark your territory, have a walk in the park, seek out new friends, find some toys and new places to enjoy. There’s so much to explore!We’re a team of people obsessed by pets. Led by our founder Esko, who has worked with pets and pet brands for over 30 years, we are vets, breeders, pet parents and pet industry experts coming together to unleash our enthusiasm for all things furry, feathery and finny.


On Pezzie you can share your knowledge, take part in our studies to help build knowledge and access knowledge from fellow experts. It’s all on tap for free with Pezzie. You’ll also be the first to sniff out all the latest pet news and alerts as well as spot local pet events and services. Let’s make life better for and with pets!You can join Pezzie as an existing pet parent and create profiles for yourself or your pet. Or perhaps pet ownership is just around the corner or out of reach right now – that’s okay because there’s no better way to prepare for pet ownership than to put yourself at the heart of a pet community.


Like most social media platforms, we have standards. But we don’t want to put in lots of specific rules, so we’ll just say this: we all feel passionately about pets but that’s not an excuse to abuse or hurt others. Before posting, please channel your inner well-behaved Labrador and moderate your behaviour accordingly. We reserve the right to remove content that we believe could be harmful to pets, does not reflect responsible or compassionate pet ownership, or that is threatening or otherwise likely to cause distress. Repeated bad behaviour may result in you being put in the doghouse until you’ve calmed down. But we’re also big fans of positive reinforcement, so those who contribute to make Pezzie a better place will be rewarded and recognised. So be good bois and girls and we will all have a tail-waggingly good experience. Need to report bad behaviour? Contact us at no@pezzie.com And sorry kids, you will have to wait until you are at least 13 years old before you join Pezzie.


By joining our pack, you can also paw it forward because Pezzie will be donating to deserving animal charities. Be good, do good, feel good with Pezzie.


As well as being a great place for pet lovers to hang out, we’re also extending a welcome paw and claw to animal scientists and the veterinary profession. We have a fantastic ‘Citizen Science’ tool available to conduct large scale surveys and studies on all aspects of animal behaviour, health and welfare, as well as collecting information on pet owner beliefs and opinions to help explore the enablers and barriers to better animal care. If you would like to be a Pezzie Partner Scientist please get in touch at nerd@pezzie.com